Terminating without notice despite being “untouchable”

  • Terminate without notice due to dishonesty regarding working hours
  • “If I don’t get the time off, I’ll call in sick...”
  • Private Internet use of pornographic pages
  • Acceptance of bribes
  • Serious insults to the supervisor
  • Manipulation of sell-by dates for meat
  • Theft of a pocket calendar worth EUR 4.10 justifies dismissal without notice of one who “cannot be fired”
  • Acceptance of monetary gifts
  • If an employee insinuates that the employer has expressed extremist right-wing sentiments
  • Suspicion of criminal actions which disadvantage the employer
  • Excessive use of private e-mail during working hours
  • Consumption of portions of patient meals
  • Excursus: Important decisions for the employer:
  • The “Emmely” decision
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • Disclosure of problems by the employee in public fundamentally does not justify dismissal without notice (due to protection for “whistle-blowing”)

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